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The events list is regularly reviewed and updated so please visit this page often to stay informed on events, gradings, bespoke training, seminars and competitions.


Gradings are an important aspect of martial arts training. They indicate the student's proficiency in the art and allow further learning to take place. They are a tool used to determine Taekwondo belt advancement. A grading assesses one's technical ability, knowledge, indomitable spirit and physical conditioning. The complexity of the tasks increases in accordance with rank advancement. The different coloured belts indicate the student's current level of achievement. 


The Taekwondo white belt to black belt syllabus and belt requirements can be found here. Click on your belt colour to download the individual belt rank curriculum sheets.


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Ever wondered where all those pictures taken in class, seminars, competitions and gradings end up? Browse our galleries by category and you might find yourself! Click on an image for its full details and a larger image.

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